Women's Fat Burn
04th August 2020
07:00 pm - 08:00 pm
Elena Doncheva
English, Finnish
Group size
15 people
1 hours

About this class

Women’s Fatburn is an intense workout specifically crafted to target the woman’s body in a way that is super effective to burn fat and tone the muscles in the most desired areas - tights, gluteus, abdominal area, arms, shoulders. The workouts are a combination of dynamic cardio and functional movements, as well as compound and isolation exercises.

There is no age restriction or prior experience needed, however, please keep in mind that the workouts raise the heart rate and are intensive and may have explosive movements (although less intense variations will be provided).

The sessions can be attended by women of any fitness levels, though a foundation of basic physical activities would be helpful. Weights are used in some of the sessions but alternatives will be provided (or you can be creative and use water battles, backpack full of books, etc.)

Please use a laptop/desktop to attend the session. (You can currently attend the session using a laptop or desktop. Mobiles are not supported yet and we are working towards that.)

Meet your trainer

Elena Doncheva

Fitness instructor


My name is Elena and I come from Bulgaria. I am into sports ever since my childhood years, but the moment I entered the gym hall I knew this is my passion. I’ve been into functional workouts and I find them really effective both in terms of reaching one’s physical appearance goals as well as improving the abilities to cope with everyday activities more efficiently.

In the past few years, I’ve also started pursuing my passion for bodybuilding and turned it into a competition direction. Currently, I am a National Bikini Fitness Champion and I have a few top 5 places in other competitions too. I also give group workout classes that are specifically targeting women.

Last but not least, I am a certified Women’s Coaching Specialist by the GGS Academy helping women achieve their fitness goals in a healthy and balanced way.

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