How to effectively nurture body and mind?

Breakfast set. Black baguette toasts with fresh strawberries, honey and mascarpone cheese on dark grunge table surface, top view

We hope you are having a peaceful transition into the spring months! While the marmoreal white, creamy, snow textures still garnish the Finnish landscape, the rest of the world seems to already start experiencing the warmth and vibrant temperatures that come along with a newborn sun. Although the world seems to go on autopilot when… Continue reading How to effectively nurture body and mind?

Spring Vibes

Happy March everybody! The first spring month is officially here and we are one step closer to SUMMER! It’s time to say goodbye to snow and welcome the sun and warmer weather ( let’s hope we don’t get any wintry weather in spring though). Spring and increasing sunlight generally bring nothing but good. The sun… Continue reading Spring Vibes