Face Workout: Eye & Face Yoga.

Who said that neglecting your face was acceptable when pursuing a fitness and wellness routine? Did you know you can “tone” your face muscles? It’s true: In the hunt for youthful and healthy-looking skin, many swear by a daily face yoga practice to carve the cheekbones, similar to how a round of squats can strengthen… Continue reading Face Workout: Eye & Face Yoga.

Semi Classical Dance for Ladies

Today we are reintroducing the third of the COVID RELIEF FUNDRAISER CAMPAIGN workshops. So far two of the many workshops that will be available during these couple of months have already been closed, but don’t hesitate on signing up for the rest of them! Semi Classical Dance for Ladies with Sanjana Parulekar Sanjana Parulekar will be… Continue reading Semi Classical Dance for Ladies

Benefits of Belly Dance.

Greetings StepOuters from the land of exotic dances and spicy cuisine! In today’s article we are beyond excited to announce our special collaboration for our next Master Class! We have partnered with a legend on her own right, a mentor to the stars and a referencial figure in all things belly dance both in her… Continue reading Benefits of Belly Dance.

StepOut trainers (Part 2)

Our trainers’ introductions continue! Last week we introduced 3 of our super talented trainers. Now it’s time for another trainer’s shout out! Let’s give it up for Gabriel Guillen, Iida Lohi and Belkys Barrios. They all have different backgrounds and specializations than the ones before. Almost all of our trainers are specialized in different kinds… Continue reading StepOut trainers (Part 2)

10 benefits of online workouts

Listen up, guys! As many of you know, we are offering online sessions via our platform, but have you ever thought about the benefits of online workouts, and working from your home can offer you? Well, we have, and here are the results and some of the benefits of online workouts, you may wanna take… Continue reading 10 benefits of online workouts