How to Eat Mindfully When Doing Everything From Home

Red ripe peeled pomegranate on rustic metal plate and beige kitchen towel over dark background. Top view, copy space

It is no secret that eating habits have changed a lot in the past year, mainly due to the stress related to the coronavirus crisis and other body responses to uncertainty. Nonetheless, the same way as food is organic energy to us, mindfully consuming it is crucial and that is why “Mindful Eating” is a… Continue reading How to Eat Mindfully When Doing Everything From Home

StepOut trainers (Part 2)

Our trainers’ introductions continue! Last week we introduced 3 of our super talented trainers. Now it’s time for another trainer’s shout out! Let’s give it up for Gabriel Guillen, Iida Lohi and Belkys Barrios. They all have different backgrounds and specializations than the ones before. Almost all of our trainers are specialized in different kinds… Continue reading StepOut trainers (Part 2)

StepOut trainers (Part 1)

It’s been a while since we promoted our AMAZING trainers! For all of you newcomers, now you have a chance to get familiar with our 3 StepOut trainers and their specialization field if you aren’t familiar with them yet. Without our trainers, we wouldn’t be here where we are today & couldn’t be more grateful… Continue reading StepOut trainers (Part 1)