Keeping fit while on the go.

Keeping up with the motivation to exercise whilst travelling can be tough. The trick is not to overthink it. There are plenty of ways to stay fit without going to the gym, as a commitment to fitness does not always require you to be carrying your gym routine with you. As equipment gets more complicated… Continue reading Keeping fit while on the go.

StepOut is introducing its first ever MASTERCLASS.

We recently launched our first ever MASTERCLASS and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you. A masterclass is a special class or session given by an expert about an specific field of interest. In our case, this masterclass will be given by Tom Duggan and it is called Full Body… Continue reading StepOut is introducing its first ever MASTERCLASS.


We recently launched StepOut Access, our monthly subscription (29,90€) that allows you to attend 12 virtual and interactive fitness sessions in 30 days. Now you can try out our StepOut Access subscription with a FREE one-month trial with a code: NoMoreExcuses  Get the Access, you’ve always been waiting for!   Benefits of virtual fitness sessions: … Continue reading FREE TRIAL

StepOut trainers (Part 3)

For the last few weeks, we have been promoting our amazing StepOut trainers and the last StepOut trainers’ blog post comes nowwww! We still have two trainers left which we haven’t introduced yet. We are positive that after this post you know everything about our trainers and discovered new interesting activities you might wanna try… Continue reading StepOut trainers (Part 3)