Keeping fit while on the go.

Keeping up with the motivation to exercise whilst travelling can be tough. The trick is not to overthink it. There are plenty of ways to stay fit without going to the gym, as a commitment to fitness does not always require you to be carrying your gym routine with you. As equipment gets more complicated to find, you will have to become a bit more creative. We’ll look at the best travel exercise equipment and loads of clever fitness hacks perfect for travelling.

Motivation to exercise whilst travelling is tough. Sure, the initial motivation might be there, but it’s hard to maintain. Then the questions come, will there be a gym close by? Will I have time? What will I do?

The trick is not to overthink it. There are plenty of things you can whilst travelling to stay fit without going to the gym.

Going on a holiday means taking a break, but don’t let that be an excuse to neglect your body.

Take a break from your work and other commitments, but take the time to focus on yourself and having a good time. Not exercising will only make it harder to get back into a healthy routine once you return. Mixing up your workout is the key to keeping it interesting and enjoyable.

Pack for fitness with the best travel exercise equipment

Before your trip, make a point to research the hotel or nearby fitness facilities and pack accordingly. 

7 Ways to Stay Fit Travelling

1. Keep Active Along the Way

Whether you’re travelling by car, train or plane, travelling can force you to sit for long periods, which isn’t good for your health. Make doing physical activity easy by always on your travel days by wearing your walking or running shoes.

If you’re travelling by plane and time permits or you encounter a delay, stroll through the airport terminal rather than sitting at the gate. When travelling by train walk through the cars occasionally. If you’re driving, take breaks to get out and stretch.

2. Walk Everywhere

Skip the bus, train, or taxi and go by foot! To travel is to explore. You can’t do much of that if you’re trapped in a moving vehicle. Get out there and you’ll discover so much more on foot. A quirky lane might catch your eye, and before you know you it, you’ve found a super cute boutique or an amazing restaurant. You won’t get that in any travel guide!

3. Sightseeing run

Forget the segway or the hop on/hop off bus, get up and go for a morning run, you’ll see all the sights with fewer tourists around and you’ll be able to appreciate the view more.

4. Do Yoga

The benefits of practising Yoga are endless, but when it comes to travelling, it will leave you feeling energised. Not to mention that after all the walking you’ll be doing you’ll need a good stretch!

Do a routine either in the morning to help revitalise your body, or at night to ensure a good night rest.

5. Take a Hike

One the best experiences you can have abroad is experiencing the great outdoors and seeing what nature has to offer, and what better way than going on a hike!

You chose the degree of difficulty, both in distance and terrain covered. 

6. Do a Hotel Room HIIT Workout

Hotel doesn’t have a gym? No worries, sweat it out in the comfort of your hotel room with a HIIT routine. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique where you give one hundred per cent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. 

7. Go to the Beach or Do Watersports

For low impact exercise swimming laps is always an awesome full-body workout. Running on the beach in the sand is a great cardio workout which you can make even harder by running through the water. The sinking sand and water resistance will create more intensity.

Create a routine tailored to your needs and resources. Nature is the best gym available out there!

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