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The exoticness of Belly Dancing is in the moves.

The exoticness of Belly Dancing is in the moves.

If we told you that steps are the building blocks of movement, would you agree? Body movement is more than just a way of expressing ourselves by being dynamic, it can also be considered the language of the soul or the mind.

Belly Dancing is more than just a dance form, it is a captivating, hypnotic set of carefully built and practiced moves that embellish the female body and make it shine.

Move your hips and the rest will follow”

Every time we see somebody moving their body and fully expressing themselves through it, it makes us smile. This is mainly, due to the fact that we recognize art in most of the human expression forms.

A millenary art form that has endured time, tradition and culture and that even today allows women, through dance to rule the world, as Beyonce’s song already points out. A safe environment where female energy is amplified and ignited.

To allow our dear followers to experience the best of Belly Dancing, and bring the unique exotic touch and culture to Finland, we have decided to partner with a Bollywood dancer, Sanjana Sharma. She is a vivid figure of what a passion for this art form can create and a true inspirational figure for those who want to learn that being dynamic both outside and inside the entertainment world is the way to go in life. A master that will give you the technique to love your body no matter the shape and to build the confidence and energy to shape beliefs and lifes around you. A journey to self discovery and confidence.

Be dynamic, believe in your craft and never settle

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