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Develop a Morning Routine That’ll Stick.

Develop a Morning Routine That’ll Stick.

We all have those days when we have been slaved by our bed sheets, when the world doesn’t seem attractive enough to hit the day and get moving. Many times the dreamy world and sugar cotton lands seem more attractive than what lies ahead of us. This is why, building habits prevents us from being slaved by our beds.

Sleep is the means to an end, a supercharged cocktail that we all need, to have a healthy body and mind functioning. It is the fuel, that we as machines to rule the modern world need in a daily basis and the star ingredient to build habits and routines that stick with us.

But this notion doesn’t end with your mental nurturing meal.

Everything you do in your morning routine will set the tone for the rest of the day. Either you decide to be a protagonist, leading character in your life or a supporting one, don’t neglect your chances of being who you want to be. We are the ones who decide if we own the present and future or if someone else will

So, if a successful morning is the catalyst that you need to achieve your goals, then ensuring that your morning is productive is paramount.

The key to having a efficient, productive morning, is finding what works best for you, and making sure that you’re doing it consistently. Consistency is key not the intensity of the actions.

Create a morning routine that works for you, and stick to it.

How to Set a Morning Routine.

Longevity really is key when it comes to your morning routine — I’d suggest that you choose things you can imagine being a constant in your life.

  1. Start your morning routine the night before.
  2. Set one alarm and stick to it.
  3. Eat right.
  4. Plan your day out.
  5. Journal in the morning.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Take a cold shower.
  8. Create a morning routine that suits you.

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