7 Strength Training Moves You Can Do With Common Household Objects.

Urheile riittävästi

It seems to me that with the recent restrictions in place all of us have been neglecting the gym, both from being unable to go and due to safety reasons. This being said and with online virtual training sessions booming, we all should be aware of the “Gym Dupes” we can get from our daily household objects. Yes, you read it right.

The same way household items are used to adapt to our bodies they also offer many times understimated added benefits.

Different household items to use instead of weights:

A towel: a towel can become a resistance band! Use a towel to help with stretching or for a effective arm workout. As a versatil item it can also be used to workout your legs. Place yourself on a smooth floor, assume the plank position with a small towel under each of your feet. Then, in a very slow and controlled manner, try gliding your legs apart and then back together again. Feel the burn!

A wall: every home has enough of these. Walls provide stability when you’re practicing some stretching, or working your quads and glutes by doing some wall-sits.

Stairs: walking up and down the stairs is a really effective way to replace a good cardio. Without any doubt a great way to get your heart pumping and glutes burning- the best part is always available and open.

Water bottles or laundry detergent bottles: these can easily replace hand weights or dumbbells. You can also regulate the weight. Give your arms a major workout by doing some front raises, tricep kickbacks or overhead presses.

A broom: besides sweeping, a broom can also give your core, hips and glutes a workout. Next time you’re sweeping the floor and you want to have a dance, shake things up by adding some hip hinges or oblique twists to your usual routine.

A chair: this can be a wonderful alternative, whether you’re trying to perfect your squats or practice some leg raises. Throw a second chair into the mix and practice some tricep dips. As always mix this with virtual exercise sessions as it will probably include some household tools.

A countertop: a perfect alternative whether you’re trying to perfect your squats or practice some leg raises. Throw a second chair into the mix and practice some triceps dips.

Creativity is the best added energy drink when it comes to creating new workout sessions at home. Remember to join virtual sessions so that you can get a good habit tracking and get the results by mimicking a gym workout session.

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