Lost Access to Your Gym? Don’t Panic!

With the coronavirus causing some gym-goers and regulars at the local recreation center to reconsider their workout place, staying physically active means getting creative with an exercise routine closer to our comfort zone. There are lots of safe ways to work out effectively while maintaining physical distance and not burning out by spending too much time indoors.

One of the most asked questions is what exactly to practice at home, and the answer for this would be creative exercising. Many people are using this time as an opportunity to exercise more, and they are exploring new ways to do it. Online classes and workout groups are growing in number and popularity. Other e-tools include fitness apps and YouTube videos that encourage aerobic activity, strength training, yoga and Pilates.

One way to do this, is by joining virtual Zoom sessions with your friends and to set a schedule so that you can follow your commitment to the programs you have chosen to complete.

Having a schedule for exercise, work time and meals helps in regaining a sense of control after disruption in our normal lives.

So, going back to the different ways in which we can still exercise, the following are some of the ideas I have to offer you:

  1. Find workouts through online videos and apps: Test out a few workouts to find a series, program or instructor that you like.When it is hard to follow a routine by ourselves it is smart to let an expert guide us through their sessions as this not only keeps us motivated, but also commited.
  2. Walk, run or bike outside: now that the sun is rising again and the cold temperatures of the winter have abandoned us, we can start enjoying the fresh air again. This will help us feel oriented and energized again and what better way to practice outdoor activities than by going to a park or a forest.
  3. Focus on bodyweight movements: include things like pushups, squats, lunges, planks and burpees. They’re convenient, efficient and inexpensive. Pick a few different movements and create a circuit workout.
  4. Try your own exercise bike or treadmill: traveling may be difficult right now, but with a few computer benefits, you could be riding your stationary bike on the streets of New York or the Grand Canyon.
  5. Utilize items around your house: run up and down your basement stairs, use a chair for triceps dips or grab cans of soup or a gallon of water as a weight.
  6. Get your household involved: this will eventually help any anxiety or arguments you may have going on and will contribute to a healthy house environment.

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