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How to get into the Zen zone on the go?

How to get into the Zen zone on the go?

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”

CAUTION! This article is not intented to make you meditate while you are at the workplace (yes, it is that effective). It’s intended to allow you to reach your potential everyday by following some simple steps.

Have you ever wondered how we can get into the Zen zone while on the go? Meditation is a essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but many times we don’t seem to get to find the extra time to invest in this millenary art form. Therefore, in today’s article we are bringing you, ways in which you can lower the buzziness around you and allow your mind to proyect clearer and more efficient thoughts, which will undoubtedly help you in your daily endevours.

While meditation sessions and apps are there to help you reach a more relaxed and clear state of mind, the daily individual doesn’t have that much time when it comes to the mornings, when they must prepare to head out to the workplace. So, how can we manage to actually silence the world around us and allow ourselves to be worry free and destressed for longer periods of times?

To this matter, reseach shows that it is more about the quality of time that we can be meditating than the amount of time itself. This meaning that 5 minutes every hour are enough to have enough meditation for the entire morning.

“The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you”

So, let’s go through the ways in which we can learn how to allow calmness and goodness to enter our bodies.

Whenever you have a moment to yourself, take five revitilizing breaths.

Breathing is an unconscious body function, but it is often triggered when we are exposed to unpleasant situations. The way we breath says a lot about ourselves and it affects our health more than you think. This is where mindful breathing comes into the scene. It consists of a very basic yet powerful mindfulness meditation practice. The idea is simply to focus your attention on your breathing. Focusing on the breath is particularly helpful because it serves as an anchor–something you can turn your attention to at any time if you start to feel stressed or carried away by negative emotions.

Be aware of your phone usage.

Either you want it or not, all of us are guilty of overusing our phones, most of the times just by the habit itself. In a world that is already highly active, we still seem to need a constant overstimulation of the brain, which eventually doesn’t allow it enough time to shut down its activity. As the very word suggests, meditation is about meditating (or self-reflecting) on yourself. Put your phone down and enjoy your surrounding and try to cohexist with them in a short moment in time and space.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished

Say something kind and congratulate yourself.

In the same way that complimenting others makes you feel good, try to take a moment every morning to remind yourself of how wonderful you are. Words can be powerful allies or strong enemies, make use of them wisely. Now, I know this doesn’t sound like meditation – but truthfully, meditation is about becoming more mindful and conscious in your day to day life.

Be silent and listen to the heartbeat of the world.

The virtue of being in silence, allowing the thoughts to be in liquid state so that they can freely roam around the boundaries of your persona. The same way sound motivates us to do certain things, silence happens to be a true ignitor. When we are quiet and listening to the world around us, our perception sharpens and thoughts reach another level. Watching the world is one way of meditating while you’re actually using public transit. You don’t need anything spiritual or special to do this, you just need yourself and your own thoughts.

Become an observer of your inner thoughts.

One of the things that meditation teaches us is the benefits of shutting down that inner dialogue. Try to identify which of those thoughts are useful for you and which are not. This will allow you to get rid of the negativity that we can be victims of. You will become more positive and eventually will get to know yourself even better.

Now, that you know all the steps it is time to put them into practice!

Remember micro meditation is a wonderful travel companion for when you have to run errands!

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