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Importance Of Physical Activity During Quarantine

Importance Of Physical Activity During Quarantine

Care-free days have become synonymous to COVID-free days. Don’t we all miss that feeling of marching into our favourite restaurant at any time, exchanging those beautiful smiles without the masks blocking them, taking a random stroll outside for some fresh air and just getting to shake hands and hug without any fears or risks? Those were the good old days!

In Finland the lockdown is not as strict as some other parts of the world but still the activity levels have decreased considerably. The movement has been limited especially for the elders while having to stay home 24/7 is affecting everyone both  psychologically as well as physically. 

We need to remember that physical activity is extremely important during the pandemic period.

You can maintain a good level of physical activity by doing your house chores and regular exercising from home. Quarantining does not have to be all negative – You can make the best out of this period if you think positively and prioritise your well-being. 

Here are the benefits you can expect from staying active during the lockdown period:

  1. Regular exercise will boost your immune system. Don’t let that virus take over you!
  2. Staying home will increase your urge to binge-snack. Maintain a healthy weight by working out from your home.
  3. Aerobic activity will beat any symptoms of depression.
  4. Strength training reduces the affects of anxiety or stress and you will be able sleep like a baby!
  5. Gardening is therapeutic.
  6. Regular exercise and participating in yoga or Pilates sessions will refresh your mind and will help you concentrate and perform better at work. 
  7. Dancing is never a bad idea. It is an amazing alternative to workout that burns calories, strengthens muscles and improves cardiovascular fitness levels. Try Zumba!
  8. If you have been self-isolating or living alone, virtual workouts will provide you access to a group of people to workout with and speak to.
  9. You will eventually develop a new hobby that you will look forward to when you wake up every morning.
  10. Increased productivity, elevated mood and improved quality of life are some of the best benefits that exercising at home can bring you.

Try exercising for a week and see how it transforms your well-being and you will definitely want to continue. 

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Surprise your muscles, mind and mood for the good!

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