We recently launched StepOut Access, our monthly subscription (29,90€) that allows you to attend 12 virtual and interactive fitness sessions in 30 days. Now you can try out our StepOut Access subscription with a FREE one-month trial with a code: NoMoreExcuses 

Get the Access, you’ve always been waiting for!  

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Benefits of virtual fitness sessions: 

There are many advantages in working out virtually, especially during these weird times we’re living in. When attending virtual workout sessions, you get to stay home. You can stay safe and workout from the comfort of your own home without thinking about the virus and hygienic issues. You can be fully yourself without no one watching you. You can put all of your efforts into just working out and forgetting everything around you. When working out virtually, you don’t have to waste time moving into a workout place, you can simply just stay home and start working out whenever you feel like it! What could be better than that? 

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We are currently offering: Full-Body Fitness, Ashtanga Remix, Restorative Yoga, Strength & Mobility -Pilates, Handstand (Intermediate level & Beginners level), Zumba time, Stretch & Body Care, Salsa Novice, Beginners Yoga & Flexibility Class, Dance Fitness & Abs Workout sessions! All of our fitness sessions are happening virtually!

Get the free trial: 

1️⃣ Sign up to the app. Download the app from:

App Store:

Google Play:

2️⃣ Sign up into the StepOut Access (on explore page) and use the code: NoMoreExcuses 

3️⃣ After this step, all of our sessions (and the StepOut Access price) will turn into 0€ 

4️⃣ Now you are able to book any 12 sessions within 30 days for FREE!

Be in touch with us through if there’s anything we can help you with. We are here for you! 

Stay home, stay fit

Get the Access now and start prioritizing your health!

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