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What To Do During Your Winter Holiday

What To Do During Your Winter Holiday

Amazing Thursday everyone! In Finland, schools’ winter holidays are traditionally held during three weeks: 8, 9, and 10. Many of the students in Finland are having their winter holiday already next week, which means that many families are going to visit different kinds of ski resorts and make the most of this beautiful winter we have been blessed to have this year (for all the snow lover of course, not so much for those who dislike snow and the freezing weather :D) 

Winter sports list

Did you know that Finland has over 70 ski resorts?

As we don’t have any mountains here, it’s a big number of ski resorts! We still have many hills though, which are being covered with natural snow for longer than half of a year. People are traveling through Finland to ski resorts or cottages which have many different opportunities for every kind of winter sports.

What to do during winter holiday

Here’s what you can do there: 


Of course, skiing is the first thing you gotta do when staying at a ski resort. Skiing with snowboard or skis is fun either way!  


If you’re not a skier type of person or you are afraid of heights, sledding is the perfect choice for you. Take your family member onto the same sled and start sledding! Watch out for other people 😉 

Snowmobile driving

Many ski resorts have good roads for snowmobile driving. Go for an adventure with your friends and family and have a blast, you might even see some wild animals on the way 😉 

Winter in Finland


Put your snowshoes on and start your journey into the winter wonderland. In big ski resorts like Ruka or Levi have super nice trails you can follow and find yourself from the top of the hill and enjoy nature’s silence. 

Cross country skiing 

Example Levi and Ylläs have great trail networks in stunning mountain scenery.  

Spend time with your family and friends 

Most importantly, remember to truly enjoy your time off from other responsibilities from work or schoolwork and just relax. There are millions of things to do during the winter holiday that we bet you’ll have an active and relaxing time either way.

Happy holidays everybody!

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