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StepOut trainers (Part 2)

StepOut trainers (Part 2)

Our trainers’ introductions continue! Last week we introduced 3 of our super talented trainers. Now it’s time for another trainer’s shout out! Let’s give it up for Gabriel Guillen, Iida Lohi and Belkys Barrios. They all have different backgrounds and specializations than the ones before. Almost all of our trainers are specialized in different kinds of sports so you’ll have a choice to choose from a various selection of sessions from our StepOut trainers! They will always be there to help and to push you towards your goals no matter what <3

home workout for women

First, we want to introduce Gabriel Guillen. He has been dancing for over 12 years salsa, bachata, ballet, and miscellaneous Cuban styles. He is considered an open-minded, charismatic, and humble person who likes to work hard to achieve his goals. Gabriel was also a part of our first event, EpicOlo.

He is instructing Salsa Novice sessions every week. These salsa sessions are for beginners and for people who don’t necessarily have any prior experience in Salsa rhythms. There’s no age restriction nor prior experience required for these classes. The sessions will be fun and efficient so that every participant will get the maximum benefits from these Salsa classes. Put on your dancing shoes and sign up for his sessions via StepOut app.

StepOut online classes
StepOut trainer – Gabriel Guillen

Next up is Iida Lohi, who is one of our oldest trainers! She’s been with us from the very beginning and is also one of our most popular trainers. Iida is a Yoga and Zumba Fitness Instructor. She is a friendly, super sunny and energetic and motivational instructor with a passion for fitness, dance and health. Iida encourages participants of all ages and levels to try out her classes, including complete beginners!

Beginners level yoga session starts the week with mindfulness, balance and calm. At the session, you’ll be focusing on improving your core, balance, strength and flexibility. What a perfect way to get more fit and flexible, relieve stress and wind down for the evening! Iida is also instructing a Zumba session called Dance Fitness & Abs workout. It’s an energetic Zumba-style dance fitness class for everyone! The session is a combination of good music, crazy dance moves, cardio, full-body fitness and a super-effective ab workout to finish off! Ida is having two sessions every week. Sign up for her sessions to gain confidence and relieve stress! 

Virtual Zumba class
StepOut trainer – Iida Lohi

And last but not least, let us introduce you to our super sunny trainer, Belkys Barrios! Belkys is a Zumba Instructor and Health and Wellness Trainer, originally from Honduras. She’s self-employed in the fitness, health & wellness sector and is offering two sessions per week at StepOut. Zumba routines incorporate interval training and alternating fast and slow rhythms will help you to improve cardiovascular fitness. During the Zumba session, you will burn around 350 calories. The Latin-inspired dance workout is one of the most popular group exercise classes in the world. You don’t need to have any dance background when joining her sessions.

Belkys is also instructing her super popular Booty building cardio session, which is especially meant for all the ladies! Your glutes will get toned as well as your legs. While you’re at it, your arms and core can get in on the action too. You’ll feel the results after finishing the routine 😉 The idea is to increase your aerobic fitness level with a primary target of your lower body while burning fat. For this routine, you will use your body weight and a resistance band to work with your legs and glutes.

Booty workout
StepOut trainer – Belkys Barrios

Doesn’t our trainers seem great or what? Sign up for their virtual fitness sessions now and start your fitness journey with us! More trainers’ shoutouts coming up next week – stay tuned! 

Stay healthy, stay safe & workout from home! 

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