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StepOut trainers (Part 1)

StepOut trainers (Part 1)

It’s been a while since we promoted our AMAZING trainers! For all of you newcomers, now you have a chance to get familiar with our 3 StepOut trainers and their specialization field if you aren’t familiar with them yet. Without our trainers, we wouldn’t be here where we are today & couldn’t be more grateful for everything they’ve done. In this first introduction post, we decided to talk a little bit about our 3 talented trainers: Tom Duggan, Eevi Reinikainen and Weizel Gulfan. These trainers offer different kinds of online sessions and all have a professional way of teaching.

Let’s go!

Online trainer fitness

The first trainer we want to promote is Tom Duggan. Tom has been on board with us from the beginning and is now our most popular trainer. You may have seen him in action at our EpicOlo event, a few months ago as well. Tom is from Birmingham, England, and his background is in Physical Education and Sports Science. Now, He’s living in Helsinki, studying and being self-employed in the fitness, health & wellness sector. He’s instructing two different sessions at StepOut every week.

He’s having a Full-Body Fitness session & a Stretch & Body Care session every Tuesday. These sessions are super effective and will get a goood sweat on! the Full-Body Fitness session will increase cardiovascular endurance through a variety of bodyweight movements. At the class, you’ll target upper body muscles as well by using light weights with high repetitions. After that session, it’s time to relax. The Stretch & Body Care session, as the name suggests, focuses on relaxing your body after a workout. Relaxing your body after a hard workout is super important! Both of these classes are for everybody and targeted to all age groups and abilities.

Online trainer Finland
StepOut trainer – Tom Duggan

Now let’s give it up for Eevi Reinikainen, who is one of the newest members of our trainer’s club! She’s confident and warm when instructing. She emphasizes a safe and communal atmosphere and everyone is allowed to practice exactly as they are. Eevi is a certified barre instructor and a Pilates trainer student. Her sessions are attended by both women and men aged 20-60 with different fitness backgrounds.

Eevi is having her Barre sessions every Thursday. Barre will improve your posture, strengthen your glutes, and tone stomach muscles. It also increases your flexibility, reduces stress and improves endurance. So, as you can see Barre has many benefits! From the Barre session, you will get an empowered and upright feeling. You may also find new muscles, you didn’t even know existed before 😉

Liikuntaohjaajat Suomi
StepOut trainer – Eevi Reinikainen

Last but not least we want to promote our super talented trainer, Weizel Gulfan. She was also a part of our EpicOlo event where she had super interesting Restorative yoga & Macrobiotics talk sessions. Weizel has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for seven years. She is also a holistic nutritionist and TV personality who runs the well-being platform, Everyday Wellness. She instructs Yoga sessions every Sunday with us!

Glow with the Flow- Yoga session is a therapeutic evening practice rooted on grounding breath, gratitude meditation, and restorative yoga poses. It is an unwinding weekly cap that resets the body and the mind for the coming days ahead. Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility and helps you with back pain. It relaxes you, manages stress levels and helps you to sleep better.

Virtual fitness sessions StepOut
StepOut trainer – Weizel Gulfan

As you can see, we have sessions from various fields and trainers from different backgrounds. Download our StepOut app, act now & support these amazing trainers by signing up for the sessions!

More trainers’ introductions coming up next week – Stay tuned!

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