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The year of changes

The year of changes

2020 is coming to its end and even though, it’s been the most challenging year this far, it’s also been the most educational one. Our team has worked hard and it’s time to go through what has happened and what is expected to happen at StepOut in the upcoming days. For today’s blog post, we wanted to take you to StepOut’s dev side and let Leanne, our dev queen, open up about her experiments from her point of view. 

2020 StepOut

How has it been working on the dev side?

Having been working in different areas before moving on to the tech side, I can say that life as a developer protrudes as the most peculiar one. Every day is a “concoction” of predictability and unpredictability. We will be coding – that’s predictable. Yet sometimes problems occur unpredictably, and so we wear our capes and fight alien bugs. We lose some, we gain some, but every battle rewards us with lots of XP to level up our skills and be more confident. That’s the spirit we keep especially when working at a startup because there will be challenges along the way, but we are a problem-solving squad and we’ll do our mission. 

What have you been working on?  What has been the hardest thing to accomplish during these past months?

We’ve been working on our first subscription which is the StepOut All Access for the past few months. If we were to say about the hardest thing to accomplish, I prefer to call it “the most rewarding thing” because as long as it’s worthy then no matter how hard it is, we still aim to achieve it. For the past months, we have succeeded in structuring our team in a much systematic fashion as we can and from that managed to pull together a much-enhanced version of the mobile app since our first release, both in terms of visual and functionality. This will be the foundation for us to continue developing and scaling our product(s). 

StepOut team

What is expected to change/happen in the future at StepOut?

We are on our way to expand and strengthen our product base so that we can serve more people, connect more fitness trainers to users, and bring engaging fitness experiences to them. To achieve that, we are aware to follow an agile software development from the beginning. We are heading to build a solid infrastructure with a well-designed system to support all those changes and ensure the end-result of our applications. Personally, I believe StepOut is creating a diverse environment where everyone can find his/her spot and all voices are heard. 

What about the fact, that you’re the only girl on the dev side. How’s it been going so far? 

Haha sometimes I imagine the four of us (including our Product Designer) like the Fantastic Four XD. Yeah it’s true that people sometimes have some stereotypes about gender in the tech industry, such as dev teams usually consist of males. That causes the skills and ideas of a female engineer sometimes get muffled by the fact that she’s “not” a man. Yet at StepOut, we are defying that stigma by “drowning” each other with mutual respect and kindness. However, I’m aware that not every company is like us, and there are female engineers out there who have to struggle to keep their heads above the water. So I hope that in the future, we can inspire more companies to have more females in tech roles so that “women in tech” is not an exception, but an acceptance. 

Working together

What has helped you through the hard times we’re living in? How has StepOut adapted to the situation? 

I tend not to focus too much on the situation, instead, I spend the time alone to concentrate on the tasks at hand and improve my skillset. Coupled with the fact that I have adopted two cats since the beginning of the pandemic and they have been the best mood guardians ever. Finally, at StepOut, we care about each other’s health and well-being, so we strictly comply with the rule of remote working and host more online fitness sessions. Although we don’t see each other every day, we have more meetings to catch up with the progress and make sure that no one is left behind. 

Hopefully, these brief points of view have provided you with an overview of life as a developer at StepOut. We have a lot more to come in the year 2021. Please bear with us as we really appreciate your support!

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