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New features & Reward partners

New features & Reward partners

We introduced our new features of StepOut Access yesterday. With StepOut Access you are now able to win various exciting rewards by completing your fitness goals. You can also earn a point from each session you attend to via StepOut Access – How cool is that!

StepOut's new partners

We want to give some extra credit to our amazing reward partners for the new feature, which are Foodin, TwoDads, and FuelMe. Without them, our new feature would not be the same and we are super thankful for them to be a part of our team!  

StepOut and Foodin

StepOut is partnering with Foodin, which is a domestic family business that manufactures and imports organic food and natural products. Their mission is Better food for a better tomorrow. 

“For us, doing it ourselves has always been a matter of honor. When we invest in our own production, we are responsible for the recipe of the product itself, as well as the quality of the raw materials and the production process. At our own factory, we only use environmentally friendly solar energy in the manufacture of our products.”

Let’s make sustainable choices together for ourselves, each other, and our common environment.

You can find more info about the company from https://foodin.fi/

TwoDads and StepOut

Our second partner is TwoDads. TwoDads is a Finnish children’s welfare brand founded by two fathers. Their delicious food products are developed for children – together with leading Finnish doctors and experts in children’s nutrition, food technology, and early childhood education. They are a small Finnish company and want to change the world for the better!

“We want our children to be healthy and happy, who are eager to explore their environment and learn new things.”

You can find more info about the company from https://twodads.fi/

FuelMe partnering with StepOut

And last but not least is FuelMe. FuelMe is a food service offering nutritious, delicious, and ready-made meals, prepared by top chefs and backed by nutrition experts. They are using sustainable packaging and seasonal ingredients. FuelMe is meant for especially those who are busy, health-conscious, and active. 

You can find more info about the company from https://www.fuelme.fi/

FuelMe was also partnering with us earlier, on our very first event – EpicOlo. FuelMe got super much good feedback from the people who joined the event and got the chance to enjoy their delicious food!  

“We cook and deliver. You heat up, eat and enjoy”

All of our reward partners will be offering special rewards for everybody who reach their fitness goals and attends our sessions. You can enjoy the rewards by getting yourself the StepOut Access. Contact us through info@stepout.fi and we will help you to purchase the Access you’ve been longing for 😉 

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