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One of the hottest startups in Finland

One of the hottest startups in Finland

This Year has been super hectic and challenging as it must’ve been for many startups out there as well! Still, we haven’t lost our motivation and we’ve kept our head in the game – and thank god we did! 

StepOut made it to the Top 100 Hottest Startups List for November based on online visibility! We are truly honored to be on the Top 100 list and couldn’t be happier. You can find StepOut at number 44https://startup100.net/. We are amazed by this and it only increases the fact that we haven’t been doing this for nothing! 

Startup life

Now it’s time to give the stage to our amazing founders of StepOut and see what we can expect from StepOut in the future:

How’s the Startup life going? 

Startup life is exciting as usual with so many surprises along the way! Just when things feel like getting out of hands we find a way that helps us swim through it all. As we always say, full of thrill and new experiences!

What StepOut needs right now?  

We are currently testing our first subscription model for the users so we are looking forward to introducing that publically and gaining more loyal users. On the other hand, we are welcoming new trainers to join StepOut Trainers Community and help them grow their businesses while they help people to improve their well-being. Also, with some funding, we’d be more capable of developing and improving our service and reaching out to more users.

How do people survive from Covid-19?

It’s all about the mindset. Everyone should take all the necessary precautions but not let the pandemic affect your mental health or lifestyle. If you think Covid is affecting your business, think of a plan B. This has become a new normal now so you will surely find a way – At least we did! And never forget to take care of your health amidst all the chaos. Exercise, eat well, and stay safe!

What has changed during the past year? 

A lot! We started with just 2 of us, and now we are a team of 7 members who have been working tirelessly to build a product that brings value to the users’ lives! There have been many changes in the idea and the product itself and we are soon introducing new features to our app.

We have been a part of various startup programs and competitions where we have been able to learn and grow a lot. Right now we are working on a B2G project with the City of Helsinki and just yesterday we realized that StepOut is featuring number 44 on the list of 100 hottest startups in Finland. These are some of the things that we never imagined to be happening so soon but we are glad that they did as it is a push for us to work even harder and evolve.

What can we expect from StepOut in the future? 

StepOut will push you to step out of your comfort zones and prioritize your fitness and well-being.

We are looking forward to introducing new features to the app as a motivation factor for the users as well as organizing more public events like we did this year: EpicOlo. And of course, we have a lot more deadlines to meet and new goals to achieve in the future 😉 So stay tuned for those!

We are eager to see what we’ll accomplish together as a team and where StepOut is going to be in the future. Looking forward to all of the challenges, the upcoming journey will throw at us, we’re ready! 

Team StepOut
Team StepOut

StepOut – Step up the game 

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