Exciting things happening at StepOut

It’s been a busy fall for us at StepOut!

We have been working hard with Helsinki City with the Innovation project. As some of you may know StepOut is participating in the Arctic 15 pitching competition. We want to thank you all for voting for us and because of that StepOut got into the finals! Our finals pitch will be on Wednesday 21.10.

We are super thankful for this opportunity to show our Startup to the word and get priceless feedback from others. You can reserve the ticket for the online event and come to support us through the website: https://arctic15.com/#tickets  

We are pitching

We are having a lot of new sessions coming up this week and you can explore and attend all of the sessions via StepOut app. 

We are also participating in the charity event, which will start on the 24th of October. The event includes 5 small events, which are all happening at Turku. The ticket earnings will be donated to the Roosa nauha -fundraising which collects the funds for Finnish cancer research. The tickets to the event can be bought via StepOut app!

If you cannot attend the event, you can also donate through the website: https://oma.syopasaatio.fi/roosa-nauha/5-14893 

The Charity event is important and is for the good cause, so we hope as many people as possible participates in this fundraising in one way or another. 

We are in this together

Cancer touches us all – let’s stick together! 

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