10 benefits of online workouts

Listen up, guys! As many of you know, we are offering online sessions via our platform, but have you ever thought about the benefits of online workouts, and working from your home can offer you?

Well, we have, and here are the results and some of the benefits of online workouts, you may wanna take into consideration next time you’re about to workout! So, If you’re a busy business person, have kids at home with you, can’t find the time to get ready, and go to the gym or group activities far from your home, this blog is for you to read!

Here’s why: 

  1. You’ll save time

If you’re busy, online workouts are a great way to exercise without making the effort of going to the physical place for a workout. You can just open your laptop and start to work out whenever you are at the time. 

  1. You can workout from the comfort of your own home 

Especially during these weird times, we’re living, it’s a super good idea to workout from your own home. This way you don’t have to worry about getting infected or getting someone else affected and be over concerned and stressed about the hygienic of the place you’re working out at.

Be responsible, stay safe! 

  1. It’s flexible

For online sessions, trainers are willing to take more students than to the on-location sessions they are offering. This means that if you’re example late and want to book a session for today, it’s more likely than there are still some spots left for you. Online sessions are more flexible for you than working out in physical studios or gyms would be.

  1. There’s no one else watching

Sometimes going to the gym or a physical studio can be uncomfortable because of the people around you. When working out from home, there’s only you, so you can look or do the workout moves however you want, and you can be totally yourself without minding from anybody else.

  1. Body weight exercises

When you’re working from home, you are able to use your own body weight when exercising. There’s no need to buy all of that expensive equipment when you can work out just fine with only using your own body! 

  1. Convenience 

You can select the most convenient workout time of the day when doing online workouts from home. Also, many online trainers are offering their sessions throughout the day, so you have many choices when you can work out and not only one hour when it’s suitable for your personal trainer or workout buddy.

  1. Targeting the right things 

The difference between online and offline workout is that when you’re working out from home, by yourself, you get the full benefits of the workout. You are able to see clearly the movements you are supposed to do and the trainers see your movements as well and can easily help you with those (if you’re having your camera on we mean). Your focus goes only to your own doing and not the people working out around you. 

  1.  Communication 

Especially, when you’re having your camera on or having a one-on-one session with your trainer, you can really communicate with the trainer and get the most out of it. With the most live streamed sessions, the value that comes from the communication between the student and the trainer is lacking. 

  1.  A  huge range of various workouts 

When working out from home, you can choose Yoga for one day and Bhangra on the other. This way you also stay more motivated when you’re not only doing the same exercise every day. Via StepOut, you are able to find and try various fitness workouts only from one place.

  1.  Affordability

Last but not least, online classes are most of the time a lot cheaper than going to the physical ones. When having an online session from your home, you’ll get the same results and benefits as going to the physical ones, but with less inconvenience and way lower price.

At the moment StepOut is offering an All Access- subscription, where you can try out all of our sessions with only 49,90€ HOW CRAZY IS THAT! Let us know via email info@stepout.fi if you’re interested in this subscription and want to know more about it and start working out with us! 😉 

Workout sessions at StepOut

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