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Where is StepOut now?

Where is StepOut now?

We decided to do a little update – post of our startup’s recent moves.

Being StepOut, we are encouraging fitness and well-being for everyone and so want you to prioritize your health!

We have been working on making access to fitness and recreational activities convenient for you during this summer and hence have a lot in store. The good news is that we won Boost Startup Journey’s “Best Pitch” and ended our long Boost Startup Journey last Friday. You can read about our experience in our upcoming blog post.

As mentioned earlier, we published our iOS and Android mobile apps a few weeks ago that allows our users to easily “explore, book, and pay” various activities, all from the same place. The app allows users to surf through the variety we are offering and book & pay for their favorite sessions. After the payment, the app provides users with an access code for attending online workouts via their desktops/laptops at www.stepout.fi or at the locations mentioned on the app.

New StepOut mobile apps

Adapting to the Covid-19 situation we are making sure that people who are quarantined or in places experiencing a lock-down can still enjoy various activities from the comfort and safety of their homes! It’s also a win-win for the ones who don’t have enough time to make it to a particular studio but still would want to remain active as we offer flexibility to attend sessions virtually or on-site.

The live streaming will allow people to be able to access workouts/activities from their workplaces, in between their breaks as well as their homes irrespective of the trainer’s location. We are also concentrating on empowering local trainers and at the same time helping individuals & businesses.


Let’s talk about what we have to offer to you NOW and are super excited about it! EpicOlo – Your activity marathon to work it all out! Get you activewear on and jump in for FREE.

EpicOlo's schedule
The schedule of EpicOlo

StepOut presents to you EpicOlo, a full-day FREE event for you to join with your family, friends, kids, or colleagues and try out activities that you may have never tried before or simply engage in some fitness & recreation.
The event aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being for all age groups.

Come and join us this Saturday 05.09.2020 in Hotel Park in Käpyla, Helsinki at 11:00-18:00 where you will be able to participate in various activities e.g workouts, HIIT, salsa, Bollywood dance, yoga, Zumba, Bhangra, etc throughout the day and network with like-minded people and trainers. Most of these activities are kids friendly so make sure to bring them along!

By joining the event, you’ll get the chance to support all your favorite trainers and to find new ones you would want to train with in the future as well. The activities will happen one after another so you’ll have the chance to participate in all of the activities of EpicOlo.

Remember to bring a water bottle and a yoga mat to the event with you! Bring all people you know and most importantly, bring a good attitude and the willingness to have fun with us during the event!

Also, one really important thing we want to remind you of is that please make sure to take care of the ongoing safety instructions given by the government. Take care of your hygiene and if you have any type of symptoms, stay home & stay well!

And luckily, we are working on getting the event live-streamed, so you are most likely able to participate in the event from your own living room as well!


If you haven’t registered already, do it now through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.fi/e/epicolo-fitness-recreation-festival-tickets-117964566193

We are all in this together and together we are strong – See you on Saturday!

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