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Variety – Key to a balanced diet

Variety – Key to a balanced diet

A healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with a balanced nutritional plan. To have a wide variety of fresh food is of equal importance to exercise regularly. Dieting could be a sustainable process if you get your goal specific calories (and follow your macronutrient ration; more about that in our other article).

The magic formula for a sustainable lifestyle is to include as many nutritional sources as possible. You have heard the saying before – “Eat the rainbow to stay healthy!”

It is easy to fall into a restriction trap when you first start dieting and seeing results by eating the same 3 foods (chicken, broccoli, rice, you name it). However, achieving your goals requires you to be critical and realistic. Restriction cannot be sustainable for an extended period and will not bring you the much-needed nutrients. Eating the same types of food could also lead to digestion complications and stagnation in your fitness lifestyle, making your goals harder to reach.

Balance in everything

So, what are the other benefits of including more variety in your diet?

  • Reduce the risk of vitamin/mineral deficiency.
  • Reduce the risk of digestion issues.
  • Your nutrition becomes a lifestyle, not just a temporary tool to lose weight.
  • You are more open to try out new recipes and improve your skills in the kitchen.
  • You get greater satisfaction from your meals.
  • You have more energy and elevated mood.

So, where to start?

  • Always remember to consult a doctor, if you have a health condition, that requires a specific diet.
  • Slowly introduce a new food, that you have always wanted to try.
  • Make a list with different nutrient sources of: Protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber. Try to make it specific to your lifestyle and needs.
  • Do not go to extremes and do not be too harsh on yourself, if you had only a limited variety of vegetables during the week. Try to include more next week.
  • A balanced diet includes a wide variety of nutrients, but it should also bring you joy and energy.
  • Remember, no one is perfect and you are trying your best, so that is all that matters!

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